Cbl Diamond Syba Master Of Shadows

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FCI Dokument

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To your letter sent on xxxxx to convey the following:
CMKU Bureau at its meeting on xxxx issued the following statement:
All pedigrees of Master of shadows and Excellent Mystery issued on the basis of
void documents are invalidated. All pedigree of descendants of these individuals
are invalidated.
Apparently, this is only for pedigree issued on the basis of invalid documents.
The invalidity of these documents (ie copies of American pedigree and contracts
or property) confirmed the American Kennel Club. Result subjected dept investigation of stud book in particular individual litters. This inspection
found that the litter C from kennel Master of Shadows delivered valid documents.
Pedigree of your dog Cbl Syaba Diamond Master of Shadows is not affected.
Currently, the investigation was closed, so the pedirees have been issued.


Iveta Jarošová

general secretary CMKU


let to know : MVDr. Široký - chief of the board CMKU

                   M. Krinke - general controll inspector CMKU

                   Z. Jílková - president chihuahua club